Album Review NEX CARNIS Obscure Visions of Dark

Nex Carnis cover art

NEX CARNIS “Obscure Visions of Dark”

Nightbreaker Productions

Wow!! It’s my second encounter with the band from Iran, and I’m quite impressed because of high quality of production here.

Coming from Teheran, these guys seems to be highly influenced by old titans of death metal genre, and they composed an excellent debut album with fast structures, hyper-technical guitar riffs and ominous gutturals. All tracks have dense and explosive miasmas, and bring high doses of brutality on specific moments. I liked how these guys injected some particular musical arrangements, like in track “Dissolution in Vortex of Sanity “ which has one of the most explosive guitar solos I’ve heard this year in the genre. Also, I must say that drummer Jirka Zajíc (Intervalle Bizzare, Heaving Earth, among others bands) did an excellent drums work, with extremely technical and eclectic parts, and definitely captured the essence of brutality and morbidity in the death metal genre. This is absolutely a gem coming from that side of the world. It’s highly recommended if you are into excellent bands of death metal with good production and fresh ideas. – Victor Varas

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