STONE MAGNUM From Time to Eternity Review at Zombie Ritual Zine

STONE MAGNUM review at Zombie Ritual Zine 2

STONE MAGNUM “From Time…to Eternity”

R.I.P. Records

What a great album. Following the debut released last year, this piece of Doom metal demonstrates that the band has all the knowledge, spirit and dark vibes directly from the old tradition of the genre. I really liked these rusted and sinister vibes, rooted in Candlemass early albums, if you know what I mean. All tracks have great heavy metal guitar riffs, and the band knows how to handle the true spirit, and seems like they don’t want to presume anything to nobody. They just play that fucking heavy metal with strong elements of doom metal and epic metal, and that’s it. Somehow, vocals remind me to Blaze Bayley and his mid range tunes, but I must admit is a futile comparisons. My favorite track is “The Gallows of Ohrdruf” which truly seems like a song from the “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”, and I’m not exaggerating. All in all, this piece of dark solitude is to become a classic from this year, which means you don’t want to miss it, right? – Victor Varas


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