ABOMINANT Onward to Annihilation Review

Abominant cover art

ABOMINANT “Onward to Annihilation”

Deathgasm Records

Hell yeah dudes! What a piece of putrefaction I have here! This is the kind of albums that makes me look back for the entire discography of the band. I ask myself: How I missed this band since 1993? Well, after a very productive career (nine albums on their back), these motherfuckers attacked with a new album full of devastating and furious death metal, very close to what is called brutal death metal.

But wait, this band don’t care about appellatives and they just composed excellent guitar riffs forged in the most corrosive and rotten side of the genre. All tracks have this stinky touch from 90’s, and also they make some melodic lines which fit on the skull. Also, I must say that the production sound is direct to the bones and this really pleased me because I can hear all details as well as human parameters. Vocalist Mike Barnes truly growls like a possessed and delivers atrocious vociferations deep as hell. As aforementioned, this is my first contact with the band (I can’t believe it) and left me a good taste in the tongue like good beer. This is a recommended album for those worshipers of underground death metal music who are still looking for jewels. – Victor Varas



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