Album Reviews ELECTRIC VENGEANCE Manic Possession

Electric Vengeance cover art


Self- released

Three guys from Texas making a hybrid of thrash metal and heavy metal, it’s not bad at all for a debut album. Of course there are some mistakes they have to fix, but this is one of those independent albums where you can hear honesty at every note.

Active since 2007, these guys have roots in classic heavy metal but they oriented their project to the dirtiest side of thrash metal, and added some elements of punkish hardcore. Of course is hard to find a balance between all these elements but seems like the band has clear what they want. Also, recording is direct and pure like a kick in your head. My only complaint is open guitar riff of “Electric Harry” which sounds like childish jingle, hehehehe!! But no problem, I admit that tracks like “Frustated!” really caught my attention because of high octane punkish root. All in all, this is a great debut album forged in someone’s garage and it really worth. – Victor Varas

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