Album Review JAMESON RAID Uninvited Guests

Jameson Raid final cover art

JAMESON RAID “Uninvited Guests”

Self- released

According to Metal Archives, this band was founded in 1975! Of course they have not been very active as they only released a couple of EPs in the 80’s and some compilations in last past decade.

Well, this is the debut album, and it really sounds vintage. Coming from Birmingham, England, these guys play a very melodic hybrid of hard rock and heavy metal with high doses of NWOBHM in every note. All compositions are based in solid structures and excellent guitar arrangements, which denotes good taste and knowledge of the genre. Actually, this band doesn’t need to demonstrate false pretensions. Vocalist Terry Dark makes a great work in an effort to rescue old sounds from the past, and definitely he prints a quite peculiar seal to the whole concept. Also, everything sounds tied and very well produced which denotes quite professional people involved. This piece of authentic heavy metal should have been worshiped by many old skulls, unfortunately things didn’t happened and it’s a shame. If you are attracted to NWOBHM genre you should try this one. You won’t be disappointed! – Victor Varas

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