Album Review EDUCATED SCUM The Chaos Complete Compilation


EDUCATED SCUM “The Chaos Complete” Compilation

Satanath Records

This is supposed to be a compilation of all material released by the band since the demo in 2004 or something.

The CD contains 52 short tracks (¡!) but definitely you don’t get bored since all of them reflect how the band has increased musically speaking, through the years. This is a hybrid of solid death metal and grindcore, with a heavy touch of melody and technical elements. Of course, the band has huge experience in extreme metal music, and delivers high octane guitar riffs among furious structures. Main composer Mihail “MishGun” Kuznetsov has thick roots in European old gods of the genre, like Napalm Death, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, etc, but also it seems like he has worshiped hardcore punk genre for many years, and added tons of aggression and rottenness to all tracks. I liked the most the first demo, although drums sound a bit synthetic, but I have to admit that everything sounds quite balanced and heavy. Also, it’s a bit notorious the difference between both vocalists, although I don’t know who is who. All in all, this is a great CD with tons of death /grindcore metal tunes. But I didn’t make it, 52 tracks are too much. Sorry. – Victor Varas

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