Album Review NEVER TO ARISE Gore Whores on the Killing Floor

Never to Arise cover art

NEVER TO ARISE “Gore Whores on the Killing Floor”

Cimmerian Shade Recordings

Here we go with another brutal death metal band with high doses of technical stuff and putrid essence. This time we are talking about a duo that made a very respectable opus full of fast guitar riffs, grindcore growls and extremely complex structures.

All tracks share the same level of violence and corrosive intentions, but it seems like each one has a particular perspective for death metal genre. Also, I liked the inclusion of technical guitar solos in specific points, and this guy is really good! My favorite track is “Boiled alive in Battery Acid” which has a great heritage from old gore masters in death metal genre from 90’s. This combines slow tempo parts, bastbeats and epic guitar solos. Of course there are some aspects to fix here and there, like the horrible and synthetic sound of drum set, but the band is on its own way, and is not bad at all. It’s a sophomore album guided to be a classic in underground scene from St. Petersburg, Florida. – Victor Varas

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