Album Review KRUEGER Return to Death

Krueger cover art

KRUEGER “Return to Death”


First, I really hate the weak guitar distortion effect here. I hope this guitarist will get another effect, or maybe recording session was the problem and this almost ruined the work. Anyway, according to Metal Archives, this Brazilian horde was founded in 1987, but they have not been very active since this is their second full length album.

Founder Adriano Krueger did an excellent work in guitars composition, and created ominous lines into thrash/death metal structures. The atmosphere is killer as all tracks sound extremely raw and direct to the skull. Obviously all tracks are based in ancient extreme metal sounds and it has some moments of brutality as we as moments of holocaustic thrash metal, in the vein of old glories in that country. I liked because all guitar riffs are simple and honest, but you will find high doses of complexity in the entire album too. Instrumentation sounds bestial and you will notice that each musician has bad black blood in the veins. Personally I expected a bit more if we are talking about a band with more than 20 years old, but to be honest I I’ll include it again in my playlist soon. Support independent releases from underground scene! – Victor Varas

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